At 3570 1 the night cab thought for women

Cooperativa Radiotaxi 3570 has launched a new service exclusively dedicated to the women of the Capital.

From 1am to 5am women will be able to call a taxi by dialing the usual 06.3570 number and adding the digit 1 to be answered by an operator that will forward the request to the dedicated service. This possibility ensures the highest speed of service without any increase in cost.
Furthermore, the driver that will carry out the ride, will be obliged to keep the passenger on sight at the end of the ride until they get to the door of the building.

“This is a venture – declared Loreno Bittarelli, President of Cooperativa Radiotaxi 3570 – that aims at taking the side of women: leaving a theater, cinema, restaurant or any other occasion at night which can expose them to dangers. It is not just a role choice but an ethical choice by our Cooperative, to feel closer to groups that are particularly vulnerable such as women who travel alone at night, amongst the ever more frequent dangers of the night.

Would the service be available during the day?
The dedicated 3570.1 FOR HER line only works during the specified hours. For the rest of the day, a waiting message will explain the service.

But how does one request a 3570.1 FOR HER taxi?
You only need to call the radio taxi office by dialing the 06.3570.1 number, a preferential line where an operator will immediately answer and proceed to dispatch the nearest available taxi.

Can you book a taxi for the following day?
Only direct calls within the preset time slot of the service are possible with the 06.3570.1 number.

Are there additional costs to make use of this service?
There are no additional costs, the amount to be charged is the taximeter amount.

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